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With Healthcare Services Credit Union ATM/POS card, you can withdraw money from your Credit Union account from any Moneybelt, PLUS or Pulse ATM/POS machine and many major area retailers. We offer 4 free uses per month at any of these locations if you have direct deposit or payroll deduction to your Share (savings) or Share Draft (checking) account. After that, a small nominal fee is charged (refer to your fee schedule). (Please note: There may be a user fee for using a particular machine outside our networks listed above. Most major area retailers do not charge a fee for a point of sale transaction.)

VISA Debit Card

With the HSCU VISA Debit Card, you can enjoy a whole new level of convenience. Pay for your purchases without cash, checks or credit cards. PLUS, quick and easy access to the cash in your HSCU checking account with one amazing card!

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Payroll Deduction (a portion of your paycheck) or
Direct Deposit (entire paycheck)

You can have your employer send your paycheck or a portion of it directly to the Credit Union. This can also be done for your recurring checks such Social Security Benefits or other federal checks. The process is simple and easy. After your money arrives, it is distributed to all the accounts and loans you specify. And, by calling ANDY, our audio response attendant, you will know exactly when these deposits are made.

Audio Response

ANDY, our audio response attendant, can help you obtain Any Necessary Details Yourself about your accounts. This provides anytime accessibility to personal account information including loan accounts. This service is offered at NO COST to our members. Just have your personal ID number and account number handy. Then dial (423)242-1941 and follow the instructions.


      00 - Primary Savings
      07 - Checking
      80 - Holiday Club Account
      50 - Vacation Club Account

REMEMBER, ANDY has current up to date information. As soon as we post it, ANDY knows it. Here are some of the things ANDY can help you with 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Balances for all accounts including payoffs for loan accounts
  • Checks that have cleared - five at a time or individually
  • Deposits that have been made
  • Have a check mailed to you
  • Transfers from one of your accounts to another
  • Transfer from one of your accounts for a loan payment
  • Year to date dividends or interest on Share (savings) or loan accounts
  • Change your personal ID number

Secure Night Deposit

You may make deposits after hours at our drive-thru branch located at 1111 East Third Street between Ronald McDonald House and McDonald's Restaurant.

Money Orders

Travelers Express money orders are available for only $1.00 for any amount.

Counter Checks

We offer counter checks at $1 per sheet of 4 - 8 free per month to direct deposit members.

Notary Service

Notary Service is available at the main office only. It is a free service to members, and non-members for a small fee. Please call ahead for an appointment.

Financial Counseling

We offer free financial counseling for members. If you need help with budgeting or debt consolidation, we can help. Our younger members just starting out handling their own finances may obtain free information to make sure they are starting out on the right track.

Discounts for Vacation Spots

We have tickets for or discounts to the following entertainment activities:

  • Biltmore House - Ashville, NC.
  • Rave and Carmike Movie Tickets
  • Six Flags over Georgia - Atlanta, GA
  • White Water - Atlanta, GA

PLUS new ones added every year

VISA Card Lost/Stolen Number

If you already have a HSCU VISA Credit Card and would like account information or if you have lost your card, please call 1-800-322-8472.

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