Who We Are

Service is part of our name--and we are serious about living up to it.

Healthcare Services Credit Union was originally chartered on March 25, 1952 under the name of Erlanger Hospital Credit Union. The purpose of the Credit Union was to provide a safe place for the employees of Erlanger Hospital to save and borrow. Now under the name of HEALTHCARE SERVICES CREDIT UNION, we serve over 4675 members with the Erlanger Health System plus over 35 other small employee groups in the medical field. Our purpose is to encourage savings among our members and provide them with low cost loans and other services at the most reasonable rate allowed. 

Providing financial fitness for each member is our goal. Whether you save or borrow, you can benefit in many ways by dealing with your member-owned Credit Union. This is your organization. We're on your side from start to finish. Remember, when you need a financial service, think first of your Credit Union.