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Membership Requirements

When you become a member of Healthcare Services Credit Union, you become a part owner of a not-for-profit cooperative. What does that mean? It means when extra funds are left over after normal operating expenses and the required reserves are paid, those extra funds will go back to our members. Our members receive this benefit in the form of great dividends and rates on savings, low rates on loans and other services. Each member has equal membership and an equal voice. Plus, you can be a member for life as long as you keep your primary savings account open and in good standing. 

To join it is so easy! If you or any family member is in a medical related field of employment, you are eligible for membership. You simply open a primary share account with a $25 deposit and that's it. If you maintain this balance, you can continue your membership in one of the finest Credit Unions in the South.

Sign up today or contact us at 423-242-HSCU.